Options Examples Sample Data Standard Input Documentation shortcuts
ctrl-1/ctrl-o: toggle options documentation
ctrl-2/ctrl-e: toggle example commands
ctrl-3/ctrl-d: toggle sample data display
ctrl-4/ctrl-i: toggle standard input display
ctrl-0: turn off all document displays
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Command shortcuts
enter:Run the command (only on focus).
shift-enter:Run the command (global scope).
ctrl-delete:Delete last word on line.
ctrl-z:Restore last deleted word on line (recursive).
ctrl-r:Copy results to standard input.
ctrl-shift-R:Restore old contents of standard input.
ctrl-shift-I:Append command-line data to standard input.
ctrl-a:Clear command-line (toggle).
shift-↑/↓:Scroll through command list.
shift-←/→:Decrement/increment tabsize.
alt-v:Enable vi editing in textareas
alt-shift-V:Disable vi editing in textareas

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