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thememakerx manpage


    thememakerx -- Generate incipts of music for input to thememakerx.


-m Minimum number of notes in the incipit. Default is 10.
-l Maximum number of notes in the incipit. Default is 30.
-t dir Target directory to store extracted incipits.


    Thememakerx takes a monophonic musical file with **kern data in it, and extracts the initial sequence of notes from into a separate file. The extracted incipit is stored in a file with the extension .thm.

    If a directory is given as an argument to the program, all files ending in .krn will be processed, and any subdirectories in the directory will also be processed.

    By default output files will be written to the same directory in which the program was run. If you need to store the files in a different directory, use the -t option to change the target directory.

    The -m controls the minimum number of notes present in the incipit, while the -l option controls the maximum number of notes in the extracted incipit (limit). The tindex program will try to extract music by phrase markers in the data.


    In the following example the input file has 49 notes, with phrases grouping every seven notes. When thememakerx is used with default settings, the output (shown on the right) will produce an incipit with 4 full phrases of 7 notes each, for a total of 28 notes.

    Thememakerx tries to maximize the number of complete phrases which can fit within the limit (of 30 notes). In this case the first four phrases contain 28 notes, while the first 5 phrases contain too many notes (35). If a complete phrase boundary does not occur within the minimum and maximum limit for note counts, then the music will be selected up to the maxium number of notes allowed, chopping up any phrase up to that point. If no phrase information is given in the input file, then the maximum note count will be selected for the incipit.




    Input arguments or piped data which are expected to be Humdrum files can also be web addresses. For example, if a program can process files like this:
           program file.krn
    It can also read the data over the web:
    Piped data works in a somewhat similar manner:
           cat file.krn | program
    is equivalent to a web file using ths form:
           echo | program

    Besides the http:// protocol, there is another special resource indicator prefix called humdrum:// which downloads data from the kernscores website. For example, using the URI humdrum://brandenburg/bwv1046a.krn:

          program humdrum://brandenburg/bwv1046a.krn
    will download the URL:
    Which is found in the Musedata Bach Brandenburg Concerto collection.

    This online-access of Humdrum data can also interface with the classical Humdrum Toolkit commands by using humcat to download the data from the kernscores website. For example, try the command pipeline:

          humcat humdrum://brandenburg/bwv1046a.krn | census -k



    The compiled thememakerx program can be downloaded for the following platforms:
    • Linux (i386 processors) (dynamically linked) compiled on 28 Jun 2012.
    • Mac OS X/i386 compiled on 13 Nov 2013.

    The source code for the program was last modified on 27 May 2009. Click here to go to the full source-code download page.