Humdrum Extras

Test Examples

This page lists programs which have example input and output data. The output data from these tests can be compared to output on your platform using the same input file in order to determine if there is a problem with the barnum program. If the output you generate is not the same as the output listed in the individual tests, then something is wrong with the compiled program or your computing environment.

    autodynam Terminate cresc. and decresc. wedges in **dynam spines.
    autostem Add stem directions onto **kern notes.
    barnum Number, renumber, or remove numbers on barlines.
    beat Extract composite rhythm information from musical scores.
    blank Generate blank humdrum spines.
    chorck Check for didactic errors in four-part choral textures.
    cint Extract counterpoint interval modules from polyphonic music.
    extractx Select spines from Humdrum input.
    gettime Create an absloute timing spine to indicate the playing time of **kern data.
    harm2kern Convert **harm data into **kern data.
    hgrep Humdrum-aware grep.
    hum2abc Convert to ABC+ data for graphical music printing with abcm2ps.
    hum2gmn Convert Humdrum data into Guido Music Notation.
    hum2muse Convert Humdrum files into MuseData.
    hum2xml Convert Humdrum files into MusicXML files.
    kern2cmn Convert **kern data into CMN data.
    kern2dm Convert **kerndata into input data for Director musices.
    kern2melisma Convert **kern data into input data for the Melisma Music Analyzer.
    kern2skini Convert **kern data into SKINI data for STK.
    keycor Musical key identification by correlation.
    lofcog Line of fifths center of gravity measurements.
    minrhy Find the minimum rhythmic unit in **kern data.
    mvspine Re-organize the spine ordering of a Humdrum file.
    myank Extract selected measures from a Humdrum score.
    notearray Extract 2-D array of notes from **kern spines for numeric analysis.
    ottava Convert between sounding and printed ottava marks in **kern data.
    pae2kern Convert Plaine & Easie code into **kern musical data.
    pitchmix Randomly reorder pitches in **kern spines, keeping rhythms unchanged.
    prange Generate pitch histogram data from **kern input data.
    rcheck Print rythmic information for a Humdrum file.
    ridx Remove different categories of Humdrum line types.
    rscale Scale the rhythms in **kern and **recip representations.
    sample Sample the musical texture with the given rhythmic cycle.
    scaletype Categorizes **kern data as pentatonic, hexatonic, or heptatonic.
    scordur Measure the duration of a Humdrum file containing **kern data.
    serialize Rearrange multiple input spines into a single spine sequence.
    sonority Identify vertical chordal sonority across multiple **kern spines.
    spinetrace Print spine parsing data to check for spine path errors.
    swing Create a **time spine which "swings" the eighth-note rhythmic levels.
    themax Search melodic index data created by tindex from **kern data
    thememakerx Generate incipts of music for input to thememakerx.
    thrux Expand repeated material in Humdrum files.
    tiefix Fix tied-note syntax in **kern data.
    time2matlab Convert a **kern score with performance timing into a matlab array.
    time2tempo Convert a **time spine into a **tempo spine.
    tindex Create melodic search indexes from **kern data for use with the themax search engine.
    transpose Transpose musical pitch names in **kern data.
    tsroot Analyze the harmony of **kern data using the Melisma Music Analyzer.
    xml2hum Convert MusicXML files into Humdrum files.
    zscores Calculate standard scores of numerical data spines.