Humdrum Extras

Executable Programs

Programs described on this website are available in compiled form for four operating system configurations listed below. You can download the source-code to try and compile for a configuration which is not listed here.

  • linux-static -- programs compiled for linux with the -static option for portability.
  • osx/i386 -- programs compiled for Apple Macintosh OS X.4 or later using an Intel CPU, 32-bit architecture.
  • osx/x64 -- programs compiled for Apple Macintosh OS X.4 using an Intel CPU, 64-bit architecture.
  • osx/ppc -- programs compiled for Apple Macintosh OS X using a PowerPC CPU.
  • windows -- programs compiled for Microsoft Windows.

You can download individual programs in a command-line terminal by typing the command:


In OS X, you might need to download them using this command:

   curl -o command 

You need to change the file permissions on the downloaded file in order to be able to run the program. If so, do this command:

   chmod 0755 command 

If you want to run the command located in the current working directory, but your current working directory is not in the $PATH environmental variable, then you will have to run the command by adding a ./ in front of the name: